Talks will be between 30 and 20mn. The time for questions will be included in the allocated time: 5mn for 30, 3mn for 20mn talks.

Long lunch breaks, right outside the conference room, will provide more opportunities for lively debates.

Poster size: A0 (84 cm × 119 cm) + 1 slide presentation (2 mn) during the relevant session.

To minimize transition times, participants will be asked to upload their contribution onto a dedicated laptop the day before.

FINAL PROGRAM (pdf)  –  Abstracts of Talks  –  Abstracts of Posters

  • TUESDAY 7 JULY 2015

Jaan Einasto – The Formation and Evolution of the Cosmic Web – PDF
Brent Tully – The Formation and Evolution of the Cosmic Web – PDF
Elmo Tempel – The Alignment of Satellite Galaxies and Galaxy Pairs with Galactic Filaments – PDF
Marius Cautun – Rotating Planes of Satellite Galaxies: Ubiquitous Yet Unique – PDF
Hélène Courtois – Cosmic Bulk Flow and the Local Motion from Cosmicflows-2 – PDF
Marshall McCall  -A Search for Warm-Hot Intergalactic Matter in the Local Sheet  – PDF
Yohan Dubois – Dancing in the Dark: How Galaxies Swing in the Cosmic Web – PDF
Valentin Perret –  A Self-Gravity Star Formation Criterion in High Redshift Galaxy Simulations – PDF
Alireza Rahmati – Distribution of Neutral Hydrogen and Metals in the Intergalactic Medium and its Connection with Galaxies – PDF
Charlotte Welker  -The Impact of Mergers versus Smooth Accretion on the Size and Shape of Galaxies – PDF
Benjamin L’Huillier – The Rates and Types of Halo Interactions – PDF
Aaron Bray – Galactic Conformity in the Illustris Simulation – PDF
Lia Athanassoula – Formation of Disc Galaxies in Major Mergers – PDF
Heidi Lietzen – Galaxies in Superclusters and in Voids – PDF
Iary Davidzon – A Journey in the VIPERS Environments – PDF
Ghazaleh Erfanianfar – Non-Linearity and Environmental Dependence of the Star Forming Galaxies Main Sequence – PDF
Florence Durret – Detection of Filaments and Large Scale Structures around Clusters up to z~1 – PDF
Ming Zhu – Detecting the Cosmic Web with the FAST Telescope – PDF


Angela Iovino – The Wall in HD: a Case Study at z~0.73 – PDF
Rien van de Weijgaert -The Cosmic Web in the Local Universe: the Adhesion Reconstruction – PDF
Wojciech Hellwing – The Dynamical Character of Cosmic Web – PDF
Roberto Gonzalez – Subhalos Accreted through Filaments – PDF
Noam Libeskind – How the Cosmic Web Shapes Planes of Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Universe – PDF
Rosa Domínguez Tenreiro – The Dynamics of the Cosmic Web as a Driver of the Fine Structure of Late Type Galaxies – PDF
Markus Haider – Large-Scale Mass Distribution in the Illustris Simulation – PDF
Graziano Rossi – Massive Neutrinos and the Cosmic Web – PDF
Elena Massara – Modelling the LSS in Massive Neutrino Cosmologies – PDF
Joss Bland-Hawthorn – The Hector Survey: an Integral Field Spectrograph Survey of 100,000 Galaxies – PDF
Jenny Sorce – Cosmicflows Observations Give Us CLUES to Matter Distribution – PDF
Michael Hudson – Cosmological Parameters from the Comparison of Peculiar Velocities with Predictions from the Density Field in the Nearby Universe – PDF
Adi Nusser – Clustering at Low Redshifts: from Galaxy Motion to Radio Galaxies – PDF
Julien Devriendt – ISM Physics vs LSS: a Glimpse into the Difficulty of Solving the Nature vs. Nurture Issue – PDF
Joakim Rosdahl – Galaxies That Shine: RHD Simulations of Radiation Feedback in Galactic Disks – PDF
Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez – Stellar Feedback and the Observational Signatures of Accretion and Winds – PDF
John Chisholm – Galactic Outflow Scaling Relations and Their Impact on Galactic Evolution – PDF

  • THURSDAY 9 JULY 2015

Christophe Pichon – Spin Alignments within the Cosmic Web: a Theory of Constrained Tidal Torques near Filaments – PDF
Xi Kang – The Accretion of Dark Matter Haloes within Cosmic Web: Primordial Anisotropy and its Universality – PDF
Damien Hutsemékers – Alignments of Quasar Axes with Large-Scale Structures – PDF
George James Conidis – The Origin of Spin Alignment in the Local Sheet – PDF
Clotilde Laigle – Swirling around Filaments: are Large-Scale Structure Vortices Spinning up Dark Haloes? – PDF
Céline Peroux – The Baryon Cycle: Accretion, Outflow and the Circum-Galactic Medium – PDF
Michael Rauch – Observing Gas Flows between Galaxies and the Intergalactic Medium in Emission – PDF
Nicolas Tejos – Towards the Statistical Characterization of the Intergalactic Medium in Intercluster Filaments- PDF
Christopher Martin – Cosmic Web Imager Observations of Circum-Galactic and Circum-QSO Medium Emission at High Redshift – PDF
Irina Dvorkin – Environmental Origin of Dispersion in DLA Metallicities – PDF
Tomoki Saito– The Environments of Ly-Alpha Blobs – PDF
Matthew Pieri – Exploring Lyman-Alpha Forest Circumgalactic Regions in Massive Spectroscopic Surveys – PDF
Hyunmi Song – Quasars as a Tracer of Large-Scale Structure at z~0.5 – PDF
Paola Popesso – The Role of Massive Halos in the Cosmic Star Formation History – PDF
Benjamin Moster – The Galaxy – Dark Matter Connection: Modelling Individual Galaxies – PDF
Bruno Henriques – Galaxy Formation in the PLANCK Cosmology: Matching the Observed Evolution of Star Formation Rates, Colours and Stellar Masses across Cosmic Time – PDF

  • FRIDAY 10 JULY 2015

Martin Haehnelt – AGN Feedback and the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes from the Cosmic Web – PDF
Davide Martizzi – Modeling AGN Feedback in the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters – PDF
August Evrard – Galaxy Clusters as Closed Baryonic Boxes – PDF
Tobias Brown – The Effect of Star Formation and Environment on the Cold Gas Content of Nearby Galaxies – PDF
Po-Feng Wu – How Much the Environment Matters for Disk Galaxies? View from Nearby Galaxies – PDF
Hadi Rahmani – The Galaxy Population in Voids: are All Voids the Same? – PDF
Evgenija Safonova – The Study of Galaxy Evolution in the Eridanus Void – PDF
Nick Scoville – Evolution of the Interstellar Matter Content of Galaxies – PDF
Radoslaw Wojtak – Tracing Redshift Evolution of Voids in Cosmological Simulations – PDF
Alice Pisani – Precision Cosmology with Cosmic Voids – PDF
Micol Bolzonella – The VIPERS Survey – PDF
Rupert Croft – Galaxy Gravitational Redshifts and Lyman-Alpha Emission Intensity: Results from SDSS/BOSS – PDF
Saleem Zaroubi – High Redshift Cosmic Structures with SKA and LOFAR – PDF


Christina Davis – Galaxy Transformation from Flyby Encounters – PDF
Francesca Fragkoudi – The Role of Secular Evolution on Transporting Gas to the Central Regions of Galaxies – PDF
Liang Wang – Presenting NIHAO Project: Numerical Investigation of a Hundred Astrophysical Objects – PDF
Igor Kulikov – CosmoPhi: A New Code for Hydrodynamic Cosmology Simulation by Means Intel Xeon Phi Supercomputers – PDF
Giulia Despali – Universal Properties of Dark Matter Halos: Mass Function and Shape – PDF
Cheng Zhao – Halo Mass Distribution Reconstruction across the Cosmic Web – PDF
Santiago Ávila Pérez – Approximate Galaxy/Halo Mock Catalogs and HALOGEN – PDF
Mauro D’Onofrio – Galaxies Transformation across the Cosmic Web – PDF
Hector Bravo-Alfaro – Environmental Effects on Galaxy Evolution: Multifrequency Study of Cores and Outskirts of Nearby Clusters – PDF
Hugo Capelato – Structure and Dynamics of the Supercluster of Galaxies: the Case of SC0028-0005 – PDF
Alessio Romeo – On the Multicolour Evolution of Red Sequence Galaxy Populations: Predictions from Hydrodynamical Simulations and Semi-Analytical Models – PDF
Florian Pranger – Cluster Mergers, Galaxy Properties and the Fate of Red Spirals – PDF
Heliana Luparello – Brightest Group Galaxies and the Large-Scale Environment – PDF
Maret Einasto – Unusual A2142 Supercluster with a High-Density Core: Distribution of Light and Mass – PDF
Melville Ulmer – Connecting the Dots: a Filamentary Structure between M1231, Abell1560 and SDSS J1223+511 – PDF
Vincent Pelgrims – Large-Scale Polarization Alignments and the Cosmic Web – PDF
Myriam Rodrigues – From the First Galaxies to the Formation of the Hubble Sequence – PDF
Elzbieta Kuligowska – The spatial distribution of high redshift giant radio galaxies – PDF
Samuel Quiret – Probing Gas Flows around Galaxies with Metals – PDF
Aaron Wilkinson – Using Galaxy Clustering to Probe the Termination of Star Formation in Distant Galaxies PDF
Maciej Bilicki – Mapping the All-Sky Large-Scale Structure of the Universe PDF
Antonio Montero Dorta – From Galaxies to Halos: Tracking the Evolution of the Most Massive Galaxies in the Universe and Exploring the Intrinsic Halo-Galaxy Connection using BOSS PDF
Anastasia Ponomareva -The Multi-Wavelength Tully-Fisher Relation: Hunting for the Intrinsic Scatter PDF
Aurélie Pénin – A New Theoretical Framework of the Link between the Efficiency of Star Formation and Dark Matter PDF
Damien Le Borgne – A Global Approach to Quenching History PDF
Ismael Perez-Fournon – The Most Luminous, Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies at High Redshift Discovered by Herschel PDF
Yu Liang – Using Cosmic Voids to Constrain Sigma_8 and Omega_m*h PDF
Janusz Krywult – Morphology of VIPERS Galaxies: Co-Evolution of Colors and Shapes PDF
Carlo Giocoli – Weak Lensing Simulations from Current Surveys to Euclid PDF
Vincent Desjacques – Detecting the Cosmological Recombination Signal from Space PDF
Nicolas Peschken – Formation of Disc Galaxies in Major Mergers: Comparing Properties of the Merger Remnants to Observations PDF